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New Flutter-Wing Dragons , and Darkling Dragons, enjoy!

I’d been sorting fabrics and found a black and rose velour and new I wanted to use it to create dragons. These 4 are the only ones so far, I will be putting more of these on my hatching list.

Primrose, Petal, Tudor and Thorny

I love these dragons! The new style wings are a cross between a dragon and butterfly wings. And to make them even more perfect I found a pink and black ostrich boa to use for their manes. I’ll need to take better pictures, so weather permitting , they will be listed soon.

Took a bit of tweaking, but I really love the way the Flutter-wings turned out.

I’ve just finished these three Darkling Dragons,

Grackle – Darkling Dragon

I decided to use faux furs and give them tail Pom-Poms, just for fun.

Starling – Darkling Dragon
Cinder – Darkling Dragon


Both of the Acorn dragons sold quickly, I know I fell in love with them too. If I didn’t have the last Oak-winged woodland (guardian sized tucked away for myself, I would have kept one of the acorns.

Spring cleaning hit me early so I stopped sewing for a bit and have been sorting through all my tubs of fabric, so far I’ve gone through 30 of them – most of the fabric was originally for costumes, but I have found some forgotten fabrics – so a nice surprise for me.

I found a black velour with pink roses, and now I’m Fantasizing about rose dragons (keeping one for my personal collection), LOL.

I have finalized the new Nipper pattern and will be cutting them out soon.

The new WYRMS are almost finished, and they should get listed in March with the next batch, there will be other dragons out of this fabric too- so shiny- I love it.

I’m still plan on making Gryphons for the fall, can’t wait to see how they turn out, I’ve got the pattern worked out – but won’t get to sculpting and casting the beaks and claws until summer.

Sprig and Sprout have both found their new nests! ACORN DRAGONS!!!

This is Sprig, an Acorn Draconic – Woodland Dragon. Artisan hatched by Dragontry

Acorn dragons build communal nests in Oak trees , and spend most of their lives in ancient forests, they feed mostly on acorns, but occasionally hunt small mammals. Their coloring and wings have evolved to live in a forest, their wings resemble oak leaves.

Sprig’s body is made form a brown mottled Lycra velvet fabric, matched with a very soft brown Minky fabric for belly, The wings, and inner ears are from a brown Tie-Dye velour fabric.

The wings are top-stitched and wired to resemble Oak leaves.

Sprig has custom painted light-brown eyes, and a mane Faux fur. I used a light tan texture paint for the claws and face nubs. The body has a ball and socket armature, the wings, legs and arms are wired. The limbs are attached with covered button joints.

Approximate measurements: The body is 30 inches measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip. Standing height is 12 inches, and 12 inches for the wing span.
Acorn Dragons can stand, but when properly trained prefer to be carried, and loved. Sprig has a wooden name tag and a bell

Acorn dragons are not designed to ride on your shoulder , and prefer to be held or carried in a basket. They will be attracted to Oak trees.

I had just enough of this fabric to hatch 2 Acorn dragons, Twig and her sibling are very special.

Time to cut out dragons for the next Hatching!

My plan is to cut out a few from the new fabrics, and hatch a few of the eggs I have have saved.

The next batch will have three each of –




Nippers (new Pattern-  a bit bigger than the old Nippers, rounder body, longer neck and tail)

Wyrms (new Pattern – long body,  large wings and no limbs)

Pictures to follow soon!