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Both of the Acorn dragons sold quickly, I know I fell in love with them too. If I didn’t have the last Oak-winged woodland (guardian sized tucked away for myself, I would have kept one of the acorns.

Spring cleaning hit me early so I stopped sewing for a bit and have been sorting through all my tubs of fabric, so far I’ve gone through 30 of them – most of the fabric was originally for costumes, but I have found some forgotten fabrics – so a nice surprise for me.

I found a black velour with pink roses, and now I’m Fantasizing about rose dragons (keeping one for my personal collection), LOL.

I have finalized the new Nipper pattern and will be cutting them out soon.

The new WYRMS are almost finished, and they should get listed in March with the next batch, there will be other dragons out of this fabric too- so shiny- I love it.

I’m still plan on making Gryphons for the fall, can’t wait to see how they turn out, I’ve got the pattern worked out – but won’t get to sculpting and casting the beaks and claws until summer.

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