How to care for your Dragon

“wishing you and your dragon many adventures”

How to Care for your Dragon
Your new dragon was hand-made and artisan hatched.
This makes every dragon unique.

With care, you and your Dragon will share many years together,
Full of many adventures and whimsy!

Never give your Dragon a bath, Surface -wash with a damp cloth, if needed.
P.S. Dragontry Dragons hate bubble baths!

While your Dragon may be carefully posed, excessive bending back and forth, will damage the wire and armatures. Be gentle!

Remember, in a battle with a Dog, Cat, Human, Fae or other denizen of the enchanted realms, your dragon will usually let them win!
Keep your dragon safe!

Go ahead and talk to your Dragon! Who better to know your secrets!

            Gently care for and feed your Dragon with love, whimsy, joy and laughter!!

There are many small parts that may pose a choking hazard! Not for small children, Please!

Guardian dragon, Limerick
Baby dragons
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