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Day To Day – Whimsy and Musing

It’s been too long since I’ve done much with Dragontry. Hopefully this year will be much more productive.

March 20, I have several dragons finished and more almost finished. I am still worried about trusting the dragons to the post office! I was so glad I shut down last year before the Christmas season.

I will list a few in April to see how long the take for delivery, maybe have the buyer sign for them?

2/3/20 – Both of the Acorn dragons sold quickly, I know I fell in love with them too. If I didn’t have the last Oak-winged woodland (guardian sized tucked away for myself, I would have kept one of the acorns.

Spring cleaning hit me early so I stopped sewing for a bit and have been sorting through all my tubs of fabric, so far I’ve gone through 30 of them – most of the fabric was originally for costumes, but I have found some forgotten fabrics – so a nice surprise for me.

I found a black velour with pink roses, and now I’m Fantasizing about rose dragons (keeping one for my personal collection), LOL.

I have finalized the new Nipper pattern and will be cutting them out soon.

1/24/2020 – I was able to finish two Acorn Woodland dragons, Sprig and Sprout . I used up the last of the Oak-wing woodland fabric. Although I do plan on making maple leaf versions, so there may be more small ones in the future.

This is a Woodland Oak-Wing

2020 – Happy New Year!


I got the tree down, pieces packed away until next year. Now to wrap all the ornaments and get them tucked away as well.

Sometime today I will decide what fabrics to use for my new Designs for Dragon Wyrms. The new Wyrms will be more detailed and available in three sizes –approximately 60 inches, 40 inches and 20 inches

2019 Posts


I’ve enjoyed the Holidays, Went to Texas for Thanksgiving! Enjoyed the Texas Renaissance Fair! It is so big we barely got to see a small part of it. Just means we will need to go back at a later date.

Christmas was rushed but wonderful, Let’s just say Amazon delivered an abundance of packages.

New Years I’ll be packing away the last of the decorations, and getting the tree tucked away until next year.

Day to Day Dragon Hatching

12/14/19 – Put Dragontry’s Etsy shop in Vacationmode, I plan on listing dragons in January.

9/2/19 – Working away on Halloween dragons. Thinking of Holiday Pixie dragons, white-snow, candy cane- pink, and possibly black – Coal for those on my naughty list.

8/27/2019 – Time to start sewing the next batch of dragons!  I spent the weekend cutting out 25 dragons for Halloween. Honestly I don’t think I’ll get that many sewn/ hatched in September, but I will try and finish as many as possible. I will list any or all on October 1st. In October I will start the Holiday and Fall dragons.

I tweaked the Nipper Pattern, and will start cutting them out for 2020. I gave them bigger dragon wings, changed the arms, increased the tail length, and plan on using ball and socket armature.

8/22/19 – All the orders were shipped out yesterday, Yay! and the Dragon Shipped to Australia was delivered! Double Yay!!  First time I had anyone want to ship to Australia via Priority International Package.  So expensive, but with a tracking number and it arrived in about a week.

I’ve designed the bat-wing Halloween dragon, basically pixie size.  and have ordered red and silver velvet for the Pixies. Should be here in a few days, and I can cut out the Bat-wings until then.

8/21/19 –  Spending the morning printing receipts, and getting 4 dragons ready to ship…I really need to figure out a way to streamline this process.  I usually only ship on a  Friday if possible,  but since I’ll be running errands why not get them shipped early.

8/19/19 – This batch of dragons has been listed,  hope they all find their for ever nests soon. I have two more days before school starts for the grandsons, where has the summer gone?

On Wednesday I’ll start working on the October dragons, decided to keep it simple this year and just make Pixies, since August’s hatching ran over.

Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday I’ll be cutting out, 8 bat-wing pixies, and 8 Dragon- wing pixies for Halloween.   A few of them will be all black, some will be all white, some will have purple, silver and red under colors.   The following Monday it’s back to pinning and sewing.

I will list them October first….and will do as many as possible.

8/18/19- I was able to finish 6 dragons Friday-Sunday.  I have got to work quicker!    I have 2 more listings to write up, then will list them early tomorrow.

3 pixies, 1 Reiver and 2 Guardians

8/11/19 – Working on dragons this weekend.  “Hemlock has been adopted”,  and will be heading off to Australia tomorrow.  

Camp Grandma is coming to end, can’t believe school is starting up so soon,  I  haven’t  hatched a lot of dragons, but it has been a fun summer.  Which is important too.  On a good note I have 7 dragons ready to assemble and list next week.

8/8/19 – Yay, my ordered green fur arrived from Belarus (Eastern Europe) it was worth the wait, much nicer than the picture!  Now to re-do Hemlock, and get the next batch of dragons finished and listed.

Here in Michigan the trees have already started to their drop leaves, the apple orchard has started apple picking and cider making, Fall is here! Luna loves apples, and will pick the low hanging fruit off of our trees that she can reach.

Here are some pictures of my mother’s pedal sewing machine, I’ve had it for awhile, and finally opened it up to take a good look at it, I was impressed. Now learning how to sew with it is on my list for next year.

8/5/19 – August already, where has the summer gone? But I do love Fall! It’s now a race between weather and time, to see if I actually get any tomatoes this year.

I have this batch dragons painted and ready for assembling! Yay!  Malbec has sold and will be heading to Texas soon. Finally, the dark green fur I’ve been waiting for has arrived, which means I can now turn Hemlock into a Vegan friendly dragon (per request).

This weekend I was busy sorting and organizing supplies, I have years worth of fabrics, time to pass most of the costume fabrics along.

I’ll start cutting out dragons after I list this batch,  Halloween is coming!

8/2/19 – I got a lot of dragon work done yesterday,  stuffing, closing and sculpting.

Once the next batch is listed, I’ll be taking a few weeks off to cut out Bat wings, Fury Drats, New Nippers, and Woodland -Maple Leaf wings. 

I’ll be hatching Halloween Dragons/ Fury Drats all September, any that are I finished will be listed by October 1st.

Moogan, cow dragon… I think I’m going to cut out some more of these, and maybe a few Moophon, Cow Gryphon.

7/29/19- I love these quiet mornings, first cup of coffee, Luna by my side, husband off to work, grandsons still asleep!  Over the weekend I didn’t get much done on dragon hatching, Saturday I worked on my gardens, and Sunday we went to Maker’s Faire at the Henry Ford complex.  We saw so many amazing creations, and met some creative inventors. The grandsons got to make model rockets – and shoot them off!  There were robots everywhere,  the bubble blowing dragon, and the land- shark were my favorites….

7/27/19-  We’ve had a few power outages due to storms, nothing too long.  I’m working on the next batch of dragon, I hope to get them all painted next week and listed in August.  I’m finishing- Perchers- purple, burgundy, and white, Pixies- green (spoken for), blue, coral, and a Reiver- rainbow.

I’m redoing Hemlock for his new potential owner in AU, giving him faux fur, and silk cords.  Trying to find the right faux fur was challenging, I ordered 2 pieces of  greens, one has arrived and has been rejected,  the other is on it’s way from Europe.  I really hope it is perfect.

I kept looking at the Rainbow Reiver and really wasn’t happy with the glitter eyes I had chosen…I just had to redo them to be satisfied with it…. took a day to switch out to the teal eyes,  but so worth it!

Husband’s birthday get together was great, bought him a new hat to wear to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  The Art fair was too hot for me… I don’t do well when the temps are in the high 90’s.  What a heat wave we had!

Not storm related but we had a huge tree fall across the road, and almost take out our mail box. Which as you can see is a very lucky mail box.  The air was filled with so much wood dust- looked like it was snowing .

6/19/2019- Trying to package dragons for shipping with the Grandson’s is  challenging.  Orion and Leo are heading home this evening, I will wait until afterwards and get the dragons ready and plan and mail them out tomorrow.

I’ve been going through the dragons eggs and making sure all the parts are still  together, have found a few are missing pieces. mostly button covers, which I can easily replace.

6/16/2019 –  Happy Father’s Day, weather permitting we will be setting off (launching) rockets with the grandsons. Should be fun!

Update: It was a lot of fun!fun!

“Camp Grandma” is doing well, I’m watching the “boys” 3 days and two nights weekly, for the summer.

I finished 4 dragons up last week – 3 pixies and one Guardian size.  The green Pixie sold right away! I might need to go back to similar batches, since so many wanted a green dragon.

I also got an inquiry about making a Nipper custom order,… Nippers are retired.  I’ll have to think about this one.

Update: sent her a convo saying I would make her a custom nipper, for the same price as a Pixie, but have not heard back yet.  Ball is in her court now.  My thought is she wanted a custom Nipper for less?

I currently have 3 Guardians, 1 Ryder, and 2 Reivers to finish up in June. The Reivers are a long over due wedding gift.

On the good news! I found my missing dragon eggs! I took them out for inventory, set them into a different tub and stored them under a rarely used table.

I need to start sewing the next dragons to finish now! I’m thinking of moon, moth and bumble dragons, with some green and purple dragons added.

5/28/2019 – Today I read a message that touched me deeply, I am so honored to have a dragon make such a difference in someone’s life.

“Scry arrived safely and is wonderful! She shimmers and is so delicate… a beautiful creation! Thank you, Sherry! Your work is beyond extraordinary! A year ago, I had just moved into a new home and then lost my job. But I never lost faith and worked hard to make it through. As a single mother, it wasn’t easy. But no more! And Scry is my talisman. My symbol of survival and reward for hard work. Again, thank you!   Chris”

User-uploaded image

5/23/2019 – Yesterday I shipped out Scry to her new home, in Kentucky. And picked up more custom forms.

Today I will be shipping out Mulberry to her new home in Canada.  Also working on Guardian dragons, I hope to have 4 finished by next week, and listed on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Holiday weekend is booked for projects around the house and family time! I’m looking forward to grilling out and playing in the yard.

5/21/2019 – I was able to finish and list 3 pixies on Monday, 2 have already sold. The purple pixie was very popular, could have sold her twice.

I did offer free shipping, and added the UK and Canada as countries I ship to with free shipping. The higher price did not seem to deter sales, maybe because they were smaller dragons.  I probably will offer free shipping on the larger shoulder dragons for now.

Luna’s first trip to a dog park, 2019, note to self -Always bring a towel and tarp to cover the seats!

5/15/19 – I have decided for the summer to move up to the first floor, I like the basement, but Luna thinks it is a deep scary place that she wants no part of…silly dog.

I am finishing 2 percher dragons this week, yay! and will list them next week.     A purple, a red and a blue.

5/10/2019 – Today I’ve been tweaking the Website, up dating to this year. Since Etsy really wants me to switch to “Free Shipping”, trying to compete with Amazon?  I am calculating new higher prices to cover the free shipping. Does anyone really believe shipping is free? LOL This weekend is Mother’s day, so I plan on starting Dragontry up on the following Monday (13th) and to have dragons done and listed before Memorial Day!!!!!!

In the mean time I’ll be working on my hatching area when ever I can.

5/9/2019 – I’ve taken the first part of the year off from Dragon Hatching, and have decide it is time to get back to my dragons.

Druid, best boy ever!  Passed away last August (2018). Still miss him so much.

Pixie dragon, (single set of wings)

Ryder Dragon

(5-23-16 – I joined Deviantart site this morning, mostly because I found someone else using “Dragontry” on it.  I know it’s just a name and there are so many using Dragon-try , but it really bothers me when they are using Dragontry.  I’ve used Dragontry, and had the .com for over 20 years, also have .org and .biz parked.

(2-21-16 –  I discovered  there were Dragontry Dragon’s on You- Tube,  just a few so far, but very fun to watch.)

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