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Costs of a dragon…

Prices are adjusted slightly (up or down) to reflect added features, extra time involved, and cost of materials.

The cost of shipping will be added at the time of purchase

Sea Dragons – $300.00

Guardian Shoulder Dragons – $265.00

Ryder Dragons – $285.00

Percher Dragons – $240.00

Woodland Dragons – $285.00

Reiver Dragons – $220.00

Nipper Dragons – $185.00

Moon Moth Dragons – $185

Pixie Dragons – $185.00

Woodland- Oak

Why does an Artisan Hatched Dragon cost so much?

My dragons are a labor of love, and are very time intensive. I have been perfecting my skills and expertise for many years. As an artist I must calculate a fair price, being self-employed I do pay myself a fair wage. I include, the time required to design, and complete a dragon.

There are Etsy fees, State and Federal taxes, Domain name and Website expenses, maintaining equipment – computer, camera, printer, and sewing machines.

Cost of materials include fabrics, threads, armatures, needles, wires, eyes, beads, paints, buttons, cords, tags, bells, rings, feather boas, furs, and faux furs.

From start to finish, the time to hatch a dragon includes choosing the right fabrics, pinning and cutting out, sewing, turning, top stitching, adding the body armature, wiring the arms, legs, and wings, then stuffing, adding eyes, assembling. I hand needle sculpt every dragon’s face, giving each dragon their own unique personality.

I hand paint the claws and face nubs – wait a day for the paint to cure, then finish by adding the mane, name tag and bell. When I use shell claws and horns, each shell bead is hand wired into place, glued, then after the glue is dry, hand painted around the bead base to secure it into place. Hatching a dragon will take from 12 hours for a small dragon and up to 60 hours or more for the largest dragons.

I hope anyone who decides to purchase one of my dragons can appreciate the details, time and expertise involved, and truly loves their new dragon.

Please know that when you purchase an artisan hatched dragon you are making it possible for me to continue working at my craft, hatching dragons and bringing a bit of whimsy into the world.

A big thank you to all my dragon owners!

Enjoy your dragons,

Moon Moth Dragon

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