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Dragon Tales, and Tails

Some little known Dragon Tales…

The Dragontry Tale: Once upon a time, Dragontry began merchanting at local Renaissance faires, conventions and SCA events

Sea Dragon (current)
Original sea Dragon (1998)
Komodo Dragon

For the first few years we tried to create a new style of dragon for every show!
We designed so many dragons -Komodo, Royal, two headed Royal, Mature, Regal, Emperor/Empress, Drake, Welsh, Mandarin, Sea, Juvenile, Faerie, Baby, and two headed Baby Dragons, plus Dragon flyers, Dragon wings, Gryphons, Baby Gryphons, Pegasus, Chimeras and even a Quetzalcoatl. Wow, we were busy!

No matter how many late nights we chained ourselves to our sewing machines; it seemed we could not hatch very many dragons between shows.

One day we decided we needed to simplify and only make a few styles of dragons, and we needed one that could ride on a shoulder, was quicker to create, and still appealing. We all agreed that being chained to our sewing machines between shows was no fun.

original Percher
Two headed Regal Dragon
Two headed baby dragon
Original Percher dragon

So Tiffany (daughter) sketched up a new design and I created a workable pattern for a dragon that would “perch” on a shoulder. We called this creation a Percher Dragon! By designing a longer tail the dragon was able to balance on a shoulder -The Original Percher Dragons were a big hit.

Of course, we still had a few late nights with our sewing machines!

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