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New Flutter-Wing Dragons , and Darkling Dragons, enjoy!

I’d been sorting fabrics and found a black and rose velour and new I wanted to use it to create dragons. These 4 are the only ones so far, I will be putting more of these on my hatching list.

Primrose, Petal, Tudor and Thorny

I love these dragons! The new style wings are a cross between a dragon and butterfly wings. And to make them even more perfect I found a pink and black ostrich boa to use for their manes. I’ll need to take better pictures, so weather permitting , they will be listed soon.

Took a bit of tweaking, but I really love the way the Flutter-wings turned out.

I’ve just finished these three Darkling Dragons,

Grackle – Darkling Dragon

I decided to use faux furs and give them tail Pom-Poms, just for fun.

Starling – Darkling Dragon
Cinder – Darkling Dragon

Time to start the next batch of Dragons!

I spent the weekend cutting out 25 dragons for Halloween. Honestly I don’t think I’ll get that many sewn/ hatched in September, but I will try and finish as many as possible. I will list any or all on October 1st. In October I will start the Holiday and Fall dragons.

I tweaked the Nipper Pattern, and will start cutting them out for 2020. I gave them bigger dragon wings, changed the arms, increased the tail length, and plan on using ball and socket armature.