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Dragoncon – 2014

We had a grand adventure, sold/ re-homed some dragons, and made new friends!

Costume for Dragoncon 2014

Atlanta was very hot and humid, so I only wore this Victorian gown and hat for part of one day, but it was fun.

Myself at the creature creation panel!

The Dragon Huntress – Explaining how to sculpt a dragon head.

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby – Creature Creation Panel

Tiffany explaining how to make a working ventriloquist  puppet.

Some thoughts about Dragoncon

1.Most buyers at Dragoncon wanted a small shoulder dragon under $45.00 and palm sized.

2. Smaller shoulder dragons might sell better. If they can be made cost and time effectively.

3.An artist next to us suggested incorporating clay features – horns, claws, might be a way to make them more cost effective?

4. I like the idea of decorating the dragons with crystals and jewels.

5. If ever doing a far away show, design a better display. That can be easily transported via airplane.  Breakdown shelving/ display tree?

6. I need to figure out how to make harnesses with Velcro for the guardian and Royal shoulder dragons. It would need a shoulder pad that pinned or tied on.

7. I’d like to design a gauntlet dragon or gryphon to ride on the forearm.
With cords/straps to tie onto the arm.

8. I’d like to design, make, and decorate Falcon type hoods for dragons

9. Wear more comfortable shoes!

10. Pink dragons do not sell well at Dragoncon.

Three Royal Dragons Finished

This is their “Take me with You!” stare

Avatar, my personal Royal Guardian Dragon

Copernicus – Royal Dragon

Cobalt – Royal Dragon, I gave him eyelids-

Shell claws and horns…

Trapunto work, makes the wings look more real

The dark bronze fabric and the copper fabric make this dragon very eye catching

Adding the horns, claws takes a lot of extra time, but the effect is well worth it. All the dragon parts are wired and the bodies have full length armatures.

Special Sprite Dragons finished for DragonCon

Teal Sprites

Pink Sprites

A swarm of Sprites!!!

Sprites have been specially hatched to be more magical, they love glitter, and all that glitters!  Most have faerie wings, a few take after a more distant dragon ancestor and have dragon wings.  They are attracted to bright colors and like to nest near flower patches and gardens.  Where they can be seen gathering nectar for their evening meals, although a few have mistaken faeries for flowers at times….never fear they do not bite…much.

Sprites are a new design, I was trying to find an easier/quicker dragon to make for shows, alas I’m only a little faster at hatching these than Nipper dragons,  so back to the drawing board for some tweaking. Perhaps I need more glitter on my desk.

I will at some point finish up the ones I have already cut out- more purple and pinks as I recall.  But after that I won’t be making any more exactly like these…maybe after I change a few things on them the sprites will make a comeback.

Or, I have thought the design might be a nice beginner dragon hatching pattern to sell.

If any Sprites make it back from the show I will list them on Etsy.

Limerick has landed safely and is happily nesting in Australia

What a happy dragon day! Received this from some Happy dragon owners!

Limerick, Crystalina, Skye-Flame and their trainer – Jodie

“Hi Sherry,
We just wanted to let you know that Limerick has landed safely, and we thought you might like to see some photos with Jodie and some that she took herself! Limerick is even better than we expected; she is absolutely beautiful! Jodie is carrying her around on her shoulder everyday and she can’t wait to take her out on some adventures. Crystalina and Skye-Flame have become really good nest-mates with Limerick, and they enjoy watching Jodie browse the internet.
Thank you so much for making these wonderful dragons with all your love and care!
Kindest regards,
Chris and Jodie.
P.S. We’re happy for you to share this message and these photos on your site. :)”

Limerick checking out the terrain

The perfect dragon perch!

“Well, Hello there!” – Let’s hope Limerick is still a Vegan!

Oh my, the best Dragon Mommy ever!

Just received this email from Ceylon’s and Nexus’ new Mommie….there is mischief afoot.

“Hi Sherry!

Ceylon arrived today! Yeay!!! She is knock dead GORGEOUS!!! The pictures of her really do not do her justice at all. She is 100 times more beautiful in person. For instance, the shell horns and the snake print, in picture just doesn’t show up as well. In person, everyone here gasped as how utterly beautiful she is. Also, your detail work really pops on her, your attention to detail is amazing. Everything about her is perfect. And yes, the brown eyes are perfect too, forgive me for asking to have them changed to another color, you were truly right in going with brown, they couldn’t have been any other color. For a dragon, she is perfect in every way – EXACTLY how a real dragon would have looked back in the prehistoric days along with the dinosaurs. She is perfect and amazing. I love her to death. Also, Nexus is ecstatic to have a BFF and they love playing with my crystals/quartz and have already knocked some pieces on the floor. They are such fun and silly girls. I really love them! Thank you so much!!! I already look forward to the next ones. Thank you!

Nexus, a Beautiful gal – Guardian shoulder dragon


Love the wings of the Guardians

This is Nexus, … With piercing Teal eyes she is a very unique and striking dragon.

I used a Teal with scales Lycra velvet fabric for her body, matching it with a black Lycra velvet for her inner ears, under wings,and belly. For her spiral wrapped horns and back spikes I used a steel blue lycra velvet.

Nexus has a mane of long black fox fur around her horns and wing base. I used a teal texture paint for her claws and face nubs, She has a leather lead, a bell and a nose ring.

This beautiful gal is approximately 55 inches from nose ring- measured over her head, along the back, to the tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 12 x 12 inches- with a very long tail. The wings are fully wired and have a span of approximately – 30 inches. The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, and may be posed with care.



Well Hello There!

Beautiful Purple Dragon

If you love all shades of violet, Foxglove is the dragon for you! Foxglove is a Percher Shoulder Dragon, and quite a Pretty girl.

Foxglove was created from a scaled and variegated shades of purple lycra velvet fabric for the body, with a violet faux suede fabric for her belly, under wings,inner ears, foot and hand pads.
For her back spine points, and spiral wrapped horns I used a light orchid stretch velvet.
She has a shades of violet feather boa for her mane, which brings out her beautiful purple eyes.
I used violet texture paint for her claws and face nubs.

This dragon’s body has a full length ball and socket armature spine and is approximately 44 inches long – measured from her nose ring, over the head, along her back, to the tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature.
The actual body is approximately 10 x 10 inches ( height x length ) with a very long tail. Foxgloves wing span can be adjusted up to 22 inches.


” There once was a dragon called Limerick..
Who thought her name, quite horrific.
But she was so green and giraffe
Always bringing smiles and laughs
That in truth her name was terrific”

This is Limerick , a glittery, sparkly Ring-tailed Dragon, she has a special striped tail of glittery green giraffe and black fabrics, a little more work but the effect is well worth it.


Sparkly under wings

Big green eyes

I love this giraffe glitter Lycra velvet fabric- I could only acquire enough to make Limerick.
I matched it with a black glitter Lycra velvet fabric for the belly, under wings,inner ears and foot pads. Her back spine is a black velour fabric. I used a black texture paint for her claws m spiral wrapped horns and face nubs. Limerick has a mane of lime green Ostrich boa, and lime green eyes.

Limerick is approximately 60 inches – measured from nose , over the head, along the back to her tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 14 x 14 inches- with a very long tail. The wings are fully wired and have a span of approximately – 35 inches. The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, and may be posed with care.