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Spoutwood Faerie Festival 2014

Romulus and Remus, a 2 headed Standing Royal

Drum Circle Dancing

Mischief makers

Drum Dancing

Great costumes


Tiff as a Satyr


Love the Goblins

A Swarm of Dragon-flyers

Collar Goblin

Babylon and me

Tired but recovering! A big Thank-you to all our customers, those that stopped by to say Hello, and a Special Thank-you to the volunteers who helped push my truck on the slippery slopes!

Cosimo update

I have sculpted his face, open mouth with a forked tongue and a nose ring.  Cosimo’s new horns were Jewelery findings at the craft store they are wooden, and had a loop on the end to make sewing and gluing them in place much easier.  The pic below shows the horns being held in place by some pins waiting for the glue is dry.

I love his matching spiked collar

Base of his teeth

All his teeth will be from texture paint, it’s like frosting /decorating a cake – but no licking your fingers.  It will take several layers to build them up, and I will do both the upper and lower jaws.  I had thought of sewing shell beads for teeth but they would have been hard to keep upright.


Once the teeth were dry, I used a black texture paint to make a gum line ( this will hopefully stop any tooth loss). One more round of teeth painting to go…

Komodo Dragon – Cosimo – Work in Progress

I almost have Cosimo finished, discovered a few problems that will need to be tweaked, first the next one needs to be made out of a fabric with much less stretch, Cosimo has ballooned to gargantuan size, 2nd the leg joints are to loose, they may be fine for a big furry Teddy Bear, but won’t enable the Komodo to stand properly, and the 3rd is – while the wings are amazing- they are really to heavy to keep upright.  I have been contemplating ripping him open and removing the doll joints – then reassembling him with button joints.  As for the wings- not much to be done with this one, but for the next they will need to be much lighter, I am thinking of using a lighter glued on material over a wing frame…will need to do some experimenting.

Almost finished,  I still need to attach the limbs, Sculpt the face- and hope that it is able to stand on it’s own! I had to use a stronger armature for this guy- he is well over 6 ft long….


Here I have laid out the body and legs to figure out the best placement for the legs.  And if you look closely- yes, I purchased him a spiked collar .

Making a ring tail requires  cutting and piecing the tail pieces together…

Komodo body sewn

I think the striped ring-tail is worth the extra effort.

I wanted to give the wings a jagged edge…battle scarred look.


When making the wing channels, I free hand the lines with chalk and use an amazing amount of pins before sewing them….

limbs with claws

I added faux bear claws,  they are sharp so I’ll need to file his nails

Nice claws

I like the claws so much I decided to add them to the back spine…probably not my best idea but since the claws/spikes are wired onto the back armature,  they will stay on this dragon…

Hoping to have this one finished in the next couple of weeks, which will feel great since this has taken over a year to get to this point…