Eclipse = Moon Shadow Dragons

I can’t believe it is August already!  I’ve gotten so many new dragons cut out in July.  Time to start sewing for the late August early September hatching.

This morning I had a great idea, and  I cut out 4 all black – Eclipse Moon Shadow Dragons, in honor of the upcoming eclipse.  I’ll start sewing them this Monday, and will try to have them finished ASAP.  Probably not enough time to sew them and ship them before the “Big Event”, but they can watch the eclipse with me.  “Eclipse” Moon Shadow Dragons – will be black- with yellow manes.

I’ll post pictures when they are hatched.

This is Suminagashi – a Ryder Dragon

I love this fabric, and the striped boa. I sold Sumin in 2016.  I really need to find more of this ostrich boa and make myself one like this,

This is Suminagashi – (Sumin for short), … She is an amazing Ryder Dragon.

Once I found this black and white Lycra velvet fabric, I was trying to come up with the perfect name, I looked at types of paper marbling, and loved “Suminagashi.

( “The first forms of Japanese marbling were called Suminagashi, or “ink floating”. Delicate, swirled patterns were produced on paper when colors of ink were floated on the surface of the water. The artist would drop circles of black and indigo blue ink into the water, then blow gently on the surface of the water to produce smoke-like patterns. Marbling later became popular with members of the Japanese royal court. They used a slightly different technique to produce Suminagashi. They would decorate paper with sumi-ink then immerse the paper in water. As the inks floated to the surface, beautiful patterns would appear.”)

I used a black Lycra velvet fabric for her under wings and spiral wrapped horns – and back spine points.

Suminagashi’s mane is from the last of a black and white Ostrich boa, I had been saving for a special dragon.

She has pale blue eyes with black velvet eye lids, a wooden name tag, bell and a white collar.

I used a black texture paint for her face nubs and claws.

Happy July 4th!

Almost the 4th of July…wow where has the summer gone ?

Currently I’m dog sitting  (Luci, my daughter’s family dog) while they are on a trip.   Both Luci and Druid are terrified of fireworks, last night there were so many fireworks going off it sounded like a war zone. Both doggies had their medication and thankfully slept in until 7am.

I will be listing dragons next week,  on the  6th….these will likely be the last dragons until September.

I have plans to create a “dragon Pattern” to sell in 2018… I’m going to start with the Nipper since it is retired.  If it takes off then I’ll progress to other patterns of dragons and mythological creatures.

I hear PDF patterns are popular, but paper ones will be available too.

New fabrics

a dark rose/coral with red glitter, very t=pretty but wasn’t quite shat I was looking for. Still it will be used to make amazing dragons
This is the coral/pink I was looking for, but no glitter…best match so far. I’m using this to make more requested Pixies
Finally found a cow print velvet. I’m making a Moo-gon for the next batch
Love this snake print in blacks and creams
This will be used to make some Autumn Dragons. I’m planning on some Fall Pixies with leaf wings
My new favorite. Definitely going to make Ryder, Reiver and Pixie dragons out of this fabric
I’ve had this in black, but finding it in pink – Thank -you EBay. I’m making sugar-plum Pixies for some of the Holiday Dragons

Finally back to Dragon Hatching

Greetings to all, and best wishes for a great 2017.

Can’t believe it almost February!

The next batch of dragons for Dragontry are almost done. I hope to get them all photographed and listed by next Monday. If you have reserved a dragon/s I will be sending you an email and pictures soon.  There will be 19 dragons total.

It seems strange to have taken so much time off, but it was time well spent.

I had a great Holiday,  was able to spend time getting my Dragon-Kinz project going, and I had a few lessons on mold making and casting, (Thank-you Tiff). I’ve decided to work on Dragontry and Dragon-Kinz alternating months.

I will be casting Gryphon Dragon-Kinz in March, and will list them when they are finished, (late March). Assuming I’m happy with the prototypes. Dragon-Kinz will be winged creatures that will be hand size for carrying , or can rest on a shoulder via a harness ( harnesses will be sold separately, and if I design them correctly will work with Nipper to Royal size dragons)

My 11 year dog Druid, got some good news, I am so happy to say my furry baby’s cancer is now in remission, Yay! While he will stay on the Palladia (chemo 3x weekly), Druid is back to his funny ways.

Dragoncon – 2014

We had a grand adventure, sold/ re-homed some dragons, and made new friends!

Costume for Dragoncon 2014

Atlanta was very hot and humid, so I only wore this Victorian gown and hat for part of one day, but it was fun.

Myself at the creature creation panel!

The Dragon Huntress – Explaining how to sculpt a dragon head.

Nefaerieous Deeds, AKA Tiffany Crosby – Creature Creation Panel

Tiffany explaining how to make a working ventriloquist  puppet.

Some thoughts about Dragoncon

1.Most buyers at Dragoncon wanted a small shoulder dragon under $45.00 and palm sized.

2. Smaller shoulder dragons might sell better. If they can be made cost and time effectively.

3.An artist next to us suggested incorporating clay features – horns, claws, might be a way to make them more cost effective?

4. I like the idea of decorating the dragons with crystals and jewels.

5. If ever doing a far away show, design a better display. That can be easily transported via airplane.  Breakdown shelving/ display tree?

6. I need to figure out how to make harnesses with Velcro for the guardian and Royal shoulder dragons. It would need a shoulder pad that pinned or tied on.

7. I’d like to design a gauntlet dragon or gryphon to ride on the forearm.
With cords/straps to tie onto the arm.

8. I’d like to design, make, and decorate Falcon type hoods for dragons

9. Wear more comfortable shoes!

10. Pink dragons do not sell well at Dragoncon.

Special Sprite Dragons finished for DragonCon

Teal Sprites

Pink Sprites

A swarm of Sprites!!!

Sprites have been specially hatched to be more magical, they love glitter, and all that glitters!  Most have faerie wings, a few take after a more distant dragon ancestor and have dragon wings.  They are attracted to bright colors and like to nest near flower patches and gardens.  Where they can be seen gathering nectar for their evening meals, although a few have mistaken faeries for flowers at times….never fear they do not bite…much.

Sprites are a new design, I was trying to find an easier/quicker dragon to make for shows, alas I’m only a little faster at hatching these than Nipper dragons,  so back to the drawing board for some tweaking. Perhaps I need more glitter on my desk.

I will at some point finish up the ones I have already cut out- more purple and pinks as I recall.  But after that I won’t be making any more exactly like these…maybe after I change a few things on them the sprites will make a comeback.

Or, I have thought the design might be a nice beginner dragon hatching pattern to sell.

If any Sprites make it back from the show I will list them on Etsy.

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