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Shipping Update

 Yesterday I shipped out Scry to her new home, in Kentucky. And picked up more custom forms.

Today I will be shipping out Mulberry to her new home in Canada.  Also working on Guardian dragons, I hope to have 4 finished by next week, and listed on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Holiday weekend is booked for projects around the house and family time! I’m looking forward to grilling out and playing in the yard.

Tweaking the Website

Today I’ve been tweaking the Website, up dating to this year. Since Etsy really wants me to switch to “Free Shipping”, trying to compete with Amazon?  I am calculating new higher prices to cover the free shipping. Does anyone really believe shipping is free? LOL This weekend is Mother’s day, so I plan on starting Dragontry up on the following Monday (13th) and to have dragons done and listed before Memorial Day!!!!!!

Time to get back to hatching dragons!


My time away was much longer than I had expected.

It’s time to get back to hatching dragons!  I plan on listing them as they are finished and not in batches.
After much thought, I’ve decided to stay with Etsy, at least for now I think it is better to stay with the devil I know.

Currently I’m getting my sewing area properly glittered, checking on the hatchlings, and sorting the dragon eggs.  I will have new dragons listed as soon as possible.

Polar Vortex Cold! I surrender – Winter has won!

It appears the Arctic Dragons have awoken from their hibernation and are migrating south, bringing the Polar vortex winds with them. Try to stay warm, and let’s hope they reach their nesting site soon.
Here in Michigan, with the wind chill, it will feel in the -4o’s degrees today.
During my off time, I’ve enjoyed my family, had a wonderful Holiday, made 2 gallons of Lavender Mead, made enough room in the garage to keep my truck out of the snow, and with some help I’ve claimed our walkout basement as my Art Studio.
This year is going to be so busy; I’m ready to be creative!
“So many plans, so little time”