” There once was a dragon called Limerick..
Who thought her name, quite horrific.
But she was so green and giraffe
Always bringing smiles and laughs
That in truth her name was terrific”

This is Limerick , a glittery, sparkly Ring-tailed Dragon, she has a special striped tail of glittery green giraffe and black fabrics, a little more work but the effect is well worth it.


Sparkly under wings

Big green eyes

I love this giraffe glitter Lycra velvet fabric- I could only acquire enough to make Limerick.
I matched it with a black glitter Lycra velvet fabric for the belly, under wings,inner ears and foot pads. Her back spine is a black velour fabric. I used a black texture paint for her claws m spiral wrapped horns and face nubs. Limerick has a mane of lime green Ostrich boa, and lime green eyes.

Limerick is approximately 60 inches – measured from nose , over the head, along the back to her tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 14 x 14 inches- with a very long tail. The wings are fully wired and have a span of approximately – 35 inches. The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, and may be posed with care.


One of my favorite dragons- the bronze/copper fabric is amazing!  He will be heading to a new home soon

Big bronze eyes and black fox fur mane

This is Babylon, he is such a striking dragon!

I used a black with bronze and copper metallic patterned Lycra velvet for his his body, the under colors are a black with bronze glitter Lycra velvet fabric. I used a black lycra velvet for his back spine and spiral wrapped horns. Matched with a bronze texture paint for the claws and face nubs.
Babylon has a black fox fur mane and golden brown eyes. He looks amazing in the sunshine!


Morrigan – Guardian Shoulder Dragon

This note certainly brought a smile to my face!

“Morrigan has arrived safely in Scotland and is now resting after her long flight. She will make her debut on the shoulder of                                       Cap’n Darcy Knockboots at next week’s annual Piratesmas celebrations. Cap’n Darcy has longed for a small dragon to sit on her shoulder as she oversees the pirate shenanigans and believes Morrigan will be the perfect companion on her grogventures (adventures with grog!) I will send photos after the event. Ahoy and YoHo! Jenny”

Thank you Jenny, Sounds like Morrigan will be well loved, and will be having an amazing time on her Pirate’s shoulder….Parrots are so over rated, LOL.    Now I need to make some Grog to quench my thirsts…luckily it is the weekend.  You know Grog would make a great name for a dragon!

Beautiful green eyes

Such colorful wings

This is Morrigan, – named for the goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty. I used a tie dyed blue/green/purple Lycra velvet fabric for her, she turned out so beautiful. I choose a dark midnight green Lycra velvet for her under wings and spiral wrapped horns. I used a dark purple velour fabric for her inner ears, belly and back spine points. Morrigan has a teal green fox fur mane and bright green eyes. I used a teal texture paint for her face nubs and claws.


Cosimo has been a grand adventure, with many turns and unexpected outcomes…He is 99.9% finished.

Laying on a bed

He has a long ring- tail of black and purple….so many little pieces to sew together…
I sculpted him with an open mouth, gave him a forked tongue and a nose ring.
Instead of fabric horns , Cosimo€™s new horns were Jewelery findings from the craft store they are wooden and actually very light for their size, and had a loop on the end to make sewing and gluing them in place much easier.

He has texture painted teeth and gums, and large green eyes with eyelids.

I used faux bear claws for his claws, and along his back spine – I also found that even plastic bear claws are sharp and leave scratch marks. I gave him a dragon manicure, and filed down the really deadly tips.

Sadly the joints I used to attach the arms and legs are not allowing him to stand under his own weight-
I have acquired new Teddy Bear type joints to use…with wooden discs, washers and cotter pins. Hopefully these will enable him to stand.

But he will need to be opened up and the new joints installed.  Until I find time to preform hip and shoulder replacement dragon surgery – he will be content to guard the bed in the guest room for me.  I will  redo his joints sometime in the future.

He is huge and very heavy! Next time I make one I will need to use a less Lycra (stretchy) fabric.

 It has been a long learning experience, and I have enjoyed the creative challenge, although I am beginning to understand how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt.

Two Nipper Dragons

A pair of Nipper dragons – will be nesting in Canada soon.

The black and purple Nipper is named…Mulberry
The purple and teal Nipper is named…Wisteria

This pair of Nippers both have faux fur, nose rings and bells.
Mulberry has green eyes and Wisteria’s eyes are teal.

Each dragon has a bead and wire armature and the legs, feet, wings, ears and arms are wired.
Only the legs are covered button jointed, the arms are sewn in place.
Approximate measurements for each are: The body is 27 inches measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip. Standing height is 6 inches – depending on how the dragon is posed, and up to 7 inch for the the wing span.

Nipper Dragons can stand, but still have their baby fat and prefer to be carried, and loved.

Queen Mab

Mab curled up in my scarf, like to never got it back…

This is Mab – a very beautiful and magical Reaper Dragon.
I used a brown and teal tie-dye lycra velvet fabric for her body, matching it with a coffee brown panne velvet fabric for her under colors, and back spikes. And I used a green velvet fabric for her inner ears.
She has teal eyes, a teal texture paint for her claws and face nubs, and a turquoise fox fur mane.

Merlin – Reaper Dragon

Merlin is a good match for Mab

This is Merlin – a very striking and magical Reaper Dragon.
I used a brown and teal tie-dye lycra velvet fabric for his body, matching it with a coffee brown panne velvet fabric for his under colors. And I used a green velvet fabric for his back spine and inner ears.
He has olive green eyes, and a teal fox fur mane.
I used a golden brown texture paint for his claws and face nubs.
Merlin has a bead and wire spine, and is approximately 42 inches long – measured from his nose ring, along the back to the tail’s tip. The arms and legs are wired and sewn in place. And the wings may be posed up to a 20 inch wingspan.

Henna – Guardian Dragon

This is Henna, … She is a very beautiful rich brown color with a reddish brown mane.

I used a dark brown with a black snake print Lycra velvet fabric for her body – I matched it with a chocolate brown velvet for her inner ears, under wings, belly and back spine points. And used a lighter brown velour for her spiral wrapped horns. Henna has a lovely face with bright copper eyes, matched with a copper texture paint for the face nubs and claws.
Henna has a reddish brown fox fur mane, a bell and a nose ring.

Tannin – Guardian Dragon

This is Tannin, … He loves to ride on a shoulder, and is quite the head turner,
I used a brown with black snake print Lycra velvet fabric for his body, and I matched it with a chocolate brown velvet for his inner ears, under wings, belly and used a black velvet for his back spine points. For his horns I used shell tooth beads.
With his soft brown eyes Tannin is a very unique and striking dragon. Tannin has a black Ostrich boa for his mane, and I used black texture paint for his face nubs and claws. He also has a bell and a nose ring.

Jasper the Sailfin Dragon


I  used a butterscotch color Ostrich boa, steel blue eyes, and will be giving him a nose-ring before sending on his way to the UK.

I custom blended the paint color for this one, had to have just the right shade of grey-blue…

For a sailfin I added a blue wave back spine going down the body, there is also a smaller fin behind the head.

I love the blues, greys, teals, and golds of this  tie dye  Lycra Velvet fabric,     sadly this is the last of it.

I selected taupe shell claws, each claw is hand wired, glued, and top edge painted with texture paint.

Jasper was a special commission from Lisa in the UK. I got this message back from her along with more picture of Jasper and friends…

 Thank you Lisa for the kind words and the great pictures!

“Jasper has made the crossing across the Atlantic and arrived safely this morning. i have stuck him near the reptile UVB light so he can make a full recovery
He is delighted to meet his non-winged counterpart, ‘Hoffman’ the Philippine Sailfin Dragon.
Jasper was hatched to commemorate the success of breeding the Philippine Sailfin in the UK (1st time they have been bred in the UK)
Thank you, you did an amazing job hatching this fella, hope that there will be more winged sailfin cousins in the future
Much love, Lisa”

Jasper checking out the forest dragons vivarium

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