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All orders shipped!

All the orders were shipped out yesterday, Yay! and the Dragon Shipped to Australia was delivered! Double Yay!!  First time I had anyone want to ship to Australia via Priority International Package.  So expensive, but with a tracking number and it arrived in about a week.

I’ve designed the bat-wing Halloween dragon, basically pixie size.  and have ordered red and silver velvet for the Pixies. Should be here in a few days, and I can cut out the Bat-wings until then

My green fur is finally here

Yay, my ordered green fur arrived from Belarus (Eastern Europe) it was worth the wait, much nicer than the picture!  Now to re-do Hemlock, and get the next batch of dragons finished and listed.

Here in Michigan the trees have already started to their drop leaves, the apple orchard has started apple picking and cider making, Fall is here! Luna loves apples, and will pick the low hanging fruit off of our trees that she can reach.

Here are some pictures of my mother’s pedal sewing machine, I’ve had it for awhile, and finally opened it up to take a good look at it, I was impressed. Now learning how to sew with it is on my list for next year.

Where has the Summer gone?

August already, where has the summer gone? But I do love Fall! It’s now a race between weather and time, to see if I actually get any tomatoes this year.

I have this batch dragons painted and ready for assembling! Yay!  Malbec has sold and will be heading to Texas soon. Finally, the dark green fur I’ve been waiting for has arrived, which means I can now turn Hemlock into a Vegan friendly dragon (per request).

This weekend I was busy sorting and organizing supplies, I have years worth of fabrics, time to pass most of the costume fabrics along.

I’ll start cutting out dragons after I list this batch,  Halloween is coming!

Woodland – Oak Leaf winged – first in the series, the 2nd will be Maple leaf winged

Thinking about Halloween Dragons

I got a lot of dragon work done yesterday,  stuffing, closing and sculpting.

Once the next batch is listed, I’ll be taking a few weeks off to cut out Bat wings, Fury Drats, New Nippers, and Woodland -Maple Leaf wings. 

I’ll be hatching Halloween Dragons/ Fury Drats all September, any that are I finished will be listed by October 1st.

Moog-gan, cow dragons.

I think I going to cut out some more of these, and maybe a few Moophon, Cow gryphon.