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Malbec – PIxie Dragon – Adopted

Malbec will be heading to Texas very soon, say hi if you see her!  This is Malbec – (named for the wine), she is a Burgundy Pixie Dragon

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often trained and ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.

Tarot – A Magical Guardian Shoulder Dragon – Adopted

This is Tarot … a Magical Guardian Shoulder Dragon, he looks like a glitter fairy gave him a touch of silver.
I used a black Lycra velvet fabric with silver splotches, for his body, and I matched it with a black Lycra velvet for his back spine, inner ears, under wings, belly and spiral wrapped horns. I hand painted his silver granite eyes.
Tarot has a nose ring, and a mane of black fox fur.

Rare Moon Moth Dragon sightings – Enjoy

Moon-moths are hard to keep in one place
Top stitched wings
Moonrayne – hand painted eyes

These sold very quickly, thank you so much for your continued support.  I will plan on making more Moon Moths soon!

My latest Moon Moth Dragons – 2  Darkside Moon-Moth dragons… Eclipse Draconic Lepidoptera,

and – 2 Blue Moon-Moth Dragons…Indigo Draconic Lepidoptera

Moon dragons have evolved to resemble large moths – they are nocturnal, and have soft furry wings. Their nests resemble cocoons, and are highly treasured for weaving and are sought after by the Woodland Fae.

Moon dragons seek out night blooming flowers to feed upon nectar, and use the moon to navigate. They are not easily fooled by modern lights, and thus are seldom seen.

Moon dragons are not designed to ride on your shoulder , and prefer to be held or carried in a basket. At night they will be attracted to moonlight.

Topas – Percher Shoulder Dragon – Sold

This is Topaz a Percher Shoulder Dragon, has sold and will be nesting in Canada!

Topaz was created from an amazing blue, gray to black variegated lycra velvet, with teal metallic pattern fabric for the body, I matched it with a solid teal metallic shimmer Lycra fabric for her belly, under wings, back spine points, spiral wrapped horns, and inner ears.

Topaz has a black fox fur mane, and beautiful teal eyes.

I used teal texture paint for her claws and face nubs. Topaz has a nose ring, leather lead, bell and wooden name tag.

Topaz has a full body length ball and socket armature spine and is approximately 45 inches long – measured from her nose ring, over the head, along her back, to the tail tip.
Topaz’s wired wings have a span that can be adjusted up to 20 inches.

The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, Topaz may be posed with care.

Zephyr – Peacock Guardian Dragon – Sold

Zephyr was a fun dragon to make, he didn’t tell me his name until the last minute before listing him. He and Winter will be heading off to join an amazing flock of dragons.

He is the last of the Peacock Guardians made out of this fabric, only 4 have been made, and I have one (Chandraki)  in my personal collection.

Zephyr is a beautiful Peacock Guardian Dragon.

Artisan crafted from a peacock pattern lycra velvet fabric. I chose a dark green lycra velvet for his back spine points, under wings, and spiral wrapped horns. I used a turquoise lycra velvet for his belly and inner ears.

Zephyr has a teal fox fur mane and teal blue eyes.
I used a teal texture paint for his face nubs and claws. He comes with a name tag and bell.

Zephyr is approximately 56 inches measured from his nose tip , down the back to the tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature.

Winter is here – a Guardian Snow Dragon has found her new flock

Winter – Guardian Snow Dragon
Love this fabric
I used holographic fabric for the under wing and inner ears
With traning, Winter can stand very well on her haunches

This is Winter, a white and silver Guardian Dragon.  I’m so pleased on how she turned out. I used holographic fabrics, and she is so shiny.  Her mane is a snow white fox fur.

Winter will be going to a wonderful dragon home, with many of her siblings.