We’ve had a few power outages due to storms, nothing too long.  I’m working on the next batch of dragon, I hope to get them all painted next week and listed in August.  I’m finishing- Perchers- purple, burgundy, and white, Pixies- green (spoken for), blue, coral, and a Reiver- rainbow.

I’m redoing Hemlock for his new potential owner in AU, giving him faux fur, and silk cords.  Trying to find the right faux fur was challenging, I ordered 2 pieces of  greens, one has arrived and has been rejected,  the other is on it’s way from Europe.  I really hope it is perfect.

I kept looking at the Rainbow Reiver and really wasn’t happy with the glitter eyes I had chosen…I just had to redo them to be satisfied with it…. took a day to switch out to the teal eyes,  but so worth it!

Husband’s birthday get together was great, bought him a new hat to wear to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  The Art fair was too hot for me… I don’t do well when the temps are in the high 90’s.  What a heat wave we had!

Not storm related but we had a huge tree fall across the road, and almost take out our mail box. Which as you can see is a very lucky mail box.  The air was filled with so much wood dust- looked like it was snowing .

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