Happy Father’s Day

Weather permitting we will be setting off (launching) rockets with the grandsons. Should be fun!

“Camp Grandma” is doing well, I’m watching the “boys” 3 days and two nights weekly, for the summer.

I finished 4 dragons up last week – 3 pixies and one Guardian size.  The green Pixie sold right away! I might need to go back to similar batches, since so many wanted a green dragon.

I also got an inquiry about making a Nipper custom order,… Nippers are retired.  I’ll have to think about this one.

Update: sent her a convo saying I would make her a custom nipper, for the same price as a Pixie, but have not heard back yet.  Ball is in her court now.  My thought is she wanted a custom Nipper for less?

I currently have 3 Guardians, 1 Ryder, and 2 Reivers to finish up in June. The Reivers are a long over due wedding gift.

On the good news! I found my missing dragon eggs! I took them out for inventory, set them into a different tub and stored them under a rarely used table.

I need to start sewing the next dragons to finish now! I’m thinking of moon, moth and bumble dragons, with some green and purple dragons added.

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