Druid Update

While Druid is winning many battles with his Cancer, he is still loosing the war.

Last week’s check up showed that his cancer is slowly coming back.  We are all a bit sad, but it was not unexpected.  Druid should have many months ahead of him.   His Dr suggested we try giving Druid one more  3 month round of Paladia (chemo) to slow any growth and start him on Prilosec to curb any stomach issues from the Paladia.  Which we are doing and hoping for the best.  Druid turned 13 last  January, I’m hopeful he will make it to 14.

I’ve taken over the first floor to keep an eye on Druid while working on dragons, and he can keep me in sight as well.  Druid doesn’t climb stairs very well anymore.

I will try to get a few dragons done over the summer, and will try to list the ones I’ve hatched monthly. But I will be busy spoiling Druid as much as possible too.

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