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Fall 2017

Fall is here, this summer has gone by so quickly.

Sadly,Life has kept me focused away from dragontry and dragon making. I will not have any of my planned dragons/creations hatched for Halloween-  I will put them on the to do List for next year.

I do have  a few dragons started and will finish, and list them as I can.

Here is what has been going on…

August I had the Flu, so much for the Flu shot I got.

September Druid’s last ultrasound showed one of his lymph nodes has enlarged, and while he is doing great, and his Surgeon/Oncologist said there was no sign  the cancer is back, we have upped his chemo(Paladia) back to 3 times a week.      I have been spoiling Druid as much as possible.

I had been thinking of getting a puppy, just on a whim, but  in September, everything fell into place to get a puppy from a friend/ cohort of my daughter.  We packed up Druid and met half way, turns out just over the Arkansas border is halfway between us and Houston.   Druid and new puppy- Luna hit it off, and snuggled together on the way back, and have become best buds.

I had forgotten how much energy a puppy has, and like a toddler- everything goes into her mouth.  Thank goodness my grand-daughter Ivy came up from Texas to visit and share all the puppy love.  We had a great visit!

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