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Sangria is finished and looking for his new nest

Double set of wings
Black and red feather boa mane
Olive green eyes

This is Sangria- a red and black Pixie Dragon – 2 sets of wings = 4 wings. He was just hatched and is ready to find his new home, preferably one with red wine and citrus fruits.

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often ridden by the Fae. The 4 winged Pixie dragons are highly prized for their speed and agility.

Sangria’s body, belly, and outer wings are made from a red lycra velvet, matched with a black Lycra velvet for his inner wings and ears. He has olive green eyes, and I used a black texture paint for his face nubs and claws, and a black/red feather boa for his mane. comes with a name tag and bell.

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