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This is Suminagashi – a Ryder Dragon

I love this fabric, and the striped boa. I sold Sumin in 2016.  I really need to find more of this ostrich boa and make myself one like this,

This is Suminagashi – (Sumin for short), … She is an amazing Ryder Dragon.

Once I found this black and white Lycra velvet fabric, I was trying to come up with the perfect name, I looked at types of paper marbling, and loved “Suminagashi.

( “The first forms of Japanese marbling were called Suminagashi, or “ink floating”. Delicate, swirled patterns were produced on paper when colors of ink were floated on the surface of the water. The artist would drop circles of black and indigo blue ink into the water, then blow gently on the surface of the water to produce smoke-like patterns. Marbling later became popular with members of the Japanese royal court. They used a slightly different technique to produce Suminagashi. They would decorate paper with sumi-ink then immerse the paper in water. As the inks floated to the surface, beautiful patterns would appear.”)

I used a black Lycra velvet fabric for her under wings and spiral wrapped horns – and back spine points.

Suminagashi’s mane is from the last of a black and white Ostrich boa, I had been saving for a special dragon.

She has pale blue eyes with black velvet eye lids, a wooden name tag, bell and a white collar.

I used a black texture paint for her face nubs and claws.

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