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Zephyr – Peacock Guardian Dragon – Sold

Zephyr was a fun dragon to make, he didn’t tell me his name until the last minute before listing him. He and Winter will be heading off to join an amazing flock of dragons.

He is the last of the Peacock Guardians made out of this fabric, only 4 have been made, and I have one (Chandraki)  in my personal collection.

Zephyr is a beautiful Peacock Guardian Dragon.

Artisan crafted from a peacock pattern lycra velvet fabric. I chose a dark green lycra velvet for his back spine points, under wings, and spiral wrapped horns. I used a turquoise lycra velvet for his belly and inner ears.

Zephyr has a teal fox fur mane and teal blue eyes.
I used a teal texture paint for his face nubs and claws. He comes with a name tag and bell.

Zephyr is approximately 56 inches measured from his nose tip , down the back to the tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature.

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