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Storm – Pixie Dragon – Sold

This is Storm – a blue, single wing set – Pixie Dragon

Pixie dragons are very fast, and are often ridden by the Fae.

Storm’s body and wings are made from a blue-swirled lycra velvet, matched with a light blue lycra velvet for his belly and inner ears. He has bright teal eyes. I used a teal texture paint for his face nubs and claws, and a multi grey feather boa for the mane.

The wings are wired and have a span of 18-20 inches.

The Pixie dragons bodies – measured from her nose, over the head, along the back to the tail tip is approximately 40 inches long. With an armature of beaded wire. the legs and arms are fully wired and are sewn in place and secured with crystal beads.

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