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Bumble Dragon — Sting

Sting is an amazing Bumble Dragon. I hadn’t made a Bumble in a long while, and I tweaked the pattern so much for this one, it is practically a new style Bumble.I finally gave up waiting for striped yellow /black fabric Lycra velvet to appear and just pieced together the two colors.
Sting is much bigger than the earlier Bumbles. I am really very pleased with the way Sting turned out.I added visual contrast by using both colors on his head, and using yellow texture paint.
He has yellow eyes and a faux fur mane in yellow and black.Sting’s legs are in a standing position (rampant), and stands about 13 inches tall. Measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip – the length is approximately 33 inches. Sting has clear wings which are dusted in glitter.The body has a bead and wire armature and the legs, feet, ears and arms are wired.
The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints.

Please, None of my dragons are Toys! They are Fiber Art, and are not intended for small children! – (small parts may pose a choking hazard)

Never fear,  Bumble Dragons are very gentle and usually to not sting.

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