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Finally back to Dragon Hatching

Greetings to all, and best wishes for a great 2017.

Can’t believe it almost February!

The next batch of dragons for Dragontry are almost done. I hope to get them all photographed and listed by next Monday. If you have reserved a dragon/s I will be sending you an email and pictures soon.  There will be 19 dragons total.

It seems strange to have taken so much time off, but it was time well spent.

I had a great Holiday,  was able to spend time getting my Dragon-Kinz project going, and I had a few lessons on mold making and casting, (Thank-you Tiff). I’ve decided to work on Dragontry and Dragon-Kinz alternating months.

I will be casting Gryphon Dragon-Kinz in March, and will list them when they are finished, (late March). Assuming I’m happy with the prototypes. Dragon-Kinz will be winged creatures that will be hand size for carrying , or can rest on a shoulder via a harness ( harnesses will be sold separately, and if I design them correctly will work with Nipper to Royal size dragons)

My 11 year dog Druid, got some good news, I am so happy to say my furry baby’s cancer is now in remission, Yay! While he will stay on the Palladia (chemo 3x weekly), Druid is back to his funny ways.

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