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How I sew and sculpt a dragon head….

This is the handout I made up for  doing our panel at Dragoncon 2014, with Nefaerieous Deeds on creature creation.

First a big Thank you to all that attended, and apologies for the handouts that I brought with me. – I have fixed a few typos and spelling errors in this version- in all fairness I finished this the night before we were heading out and I was a bit weary eyed. I know this isn’t perfect, but it will give you a good place to start…Happy Sculpting!

How to sew and sculpt a Dragon Head –

By Sherry Lyons Laskey – Sewing Sorceress –

Sewing a Dragon Head

1-The head consists of 4 parts – the top, two sides and a bottom.Remember you must use a stretch fabric to be able to sculpt.

2- Sew a dart in the front of the bottom, clip open.

3- Pin and sew the sides to both edges of top.

4- Pin and sew front seam, matching the two sides to the front point of the top.

5- Pin and sew the bottom to the front. (right sides together)

6-Pin and sew remaining bottom to the left and right sides. (leave back open)

7-clip all curves.

Inserting the eyes

8-Use a pencil to mark eye placement, I usually try to center the eye between the brow and the jowl. Turn the head right side out.

9-Use an awl to pierce the fabric, then insert the safety eyes. Secure in place with their washers.

10-I like to use 12-15 mm eyes.

Stuffing the head

11- Use a stuffing stick, stuff with polyester filling

12- The open back, the dragon head can now be sewn onto the body. but for this tutorial I will leave it off.

13- Side view.

14- Top view.

Sculpting the head

15-I use a ball & socket armature for a large dragon, you will need a 6 inch doll sculpting needle threaded with a long double string, knotted end. Use button thread!

16- Enter needle from the center top back, exit needle in front of an eye.- (Pull entire length of thread through)

17- Enter needle next to the eye.

18- Push needle though the head and out just in front of the other eye, repeat from eye to eye twice and tug the thread. (Pull entire length of thread though).

19- Tugging the thread will shape the inner eye.

20- Place pins where brow will be, insert needle from inner eye to the first pin- (Pull entire length of thread through).

21- Insert needle by the middle pin- exit over the eye- (Pull entire length of thread through) tug slightly.

22- Insert needle half way back to inner eye- exit by last pin (Pull entire length of thread through) and tug.

23- Insert needle behind eye and exit by middle pin- (Pull entire length of thread through)  and tug to shape the brow.

24-one side finished, on to the other side…

25- Insert needle and exit by inner eye on the other side- (Pull entire length of thread through)

26- Add pins to the other brow.

27- Repeat to make the other brow, then exit in front of a brow. (Pulling entire length of thread through)

28- In front of brows, insert needle one side-then through body to the other side – pull length of thread through each time.

29-Repeat twice- pull length of thread through each time.

30- Tug the thread to pull in and narrow the face.

31- Insert needle so the thread will now be on the outside, repeat twice, pulling length of thread through – and tug.

32- Use pins to mark the front placement of nose, insert needle by the narrow part of face.

33- Exit by the nose pin- pull length of thread through.

34-place a second set of pins about ¼ inch apart- on both sides. Insert needle through nose and exit on the other side.

35- . Try to make figure eights inside with the thread.

36- Repeat 2-3 times

37- Repeat, pulling length of thread through and gently tugging

38- Tug hard to form inner nostrils of the nose. Place a pin in center of nose top, add two pins on the bottom near the dart seam, see pic 40. Insert needle in nostril and exit through top by pin-repeat twice- pull length of thread through each time.

39- Insert needle into top of nose by pin, exit by one of the bottom pins. (Remove pins when they are no longer needed as a guide)

40- Place two pins on the bottom of the head – this will sculpt the chin.

41-pull the needle and length of thread through each time, and insert the needle into the next pin and exit by the pin in the top of the nose- repeat- twice

42- Tug to form the nose.

43- The head is now over half way done!

44- Insert needle into top of nose and exit by front of the brow- pull length of thread.

45- Insert needle about ¼ inch over through the head to bottom of head. Stay within the brow crease.

46- Place two guide pins into the bottom where the jowls will be indented, exit needle in bottom, pull thread through, then enter needle by 2nd pin and exit to brow- repeat twice and tug, pulling length of thread each time.

47- Tug to form jowls, this will also bring down the brow to give the dragon a unique expression.

48- Repeat for the other brow. This will sculpt the jowls/cheeks.

49- Time to make head ridges!

50- Place two rows of guide pins, equally spaced and symmetrical.

51- Starting at the front pair of pins, insert needle by right side pin, through head exit by left side pin, pull length of thread through.

52- Insert needle by left front pin and exit by right side front pin, tug.

53- insert needle on right side pin with thread on the out side, and exit on the left side, tug. To sculpt head ridge. repeat thread on the outside twice then insert needle and exit by the center set of pins.

54- Insert needle by front pin and exit by center set of guide pins ( Remove pins as they are no longer needed.)

55- Repeat for the other head ridges and exit needle by the back of the head and knot. The Head is now sculpted!!!!

56- Right side of head.

57- Bottom of head.

58- Left of head.

59- Top of head

Copyright 2014 – protected material

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