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Diego the Drat is finished

While I have made many Drat -cat dragons with various cat fabric before this is the first time I have made one from fur.  Quite the challenge, but I think my first furry Drat was a big success, I love it….so fluffy.  I was able to tweak out one other Drat from the yard I purchased and will finish him sometime in the future, although I may keep it for myself.  If I can find more of this or similar fabric I will make more Furry Drats.

I used a fabric marker to add rosettes to the spotted fur, and cut out so that the belly and wings would be from the whiter part of the fabric.

I decided to give the inner wings a more striped pattern, for an amazing look.

I used special order eyes in an olive metallic. Sculpting the head was interesting. All the head pieces were cut on the bias to allow for extra stretch when sculpting.

I designed new feet, that were wider and more paw looking.

I designed new ears to be more cat like and added some whiskers, Diego is so soft and fluffy! Luckily he does love to be petted.

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