Delphi has a new name …. PUFF

I woke up to this wonderful message from Teresa.  Thank you Teresa for making me smile!

I do so love when a person finds their perfect dragon match.  Teresa has been looking for her “Puff for a very long time, I feel so blessed to have helped her find her dragon.

“Hi Sherry!

Delphi just arrived safely! Oh, what a beautiful girl!! She is everything my “PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON” is supposed to be. She truly is in every way, my PUFF. I am soooo very happy to have my childhood dragon back in my arms. Thank you so much for reuniting me with Puff. I can not believe how perfect she is, you got her spot-on-perfect, and she wasn’t even a custom-made dragon. Wow, she is IT!!! Absolutely, totally perfect. Everything about her is breathtaking. Thank you so much for making my every dream come true. LUV YOUR DRAGONS!!!!
Teresa “

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