Cobalt has flown off to be with his dragon mate Nexus!

Thank you Teresa for this update,  I needed to smile last night and this certainly did the trick!



Teresa wrote – “Hi Sherry!  Cobalt arrived safely today at his new home. When I opened the box, he slowly looked around and let me lift him out. He then snuggled in my arms and continued to look around. Nexus was watching intently, hardly able to believe her eyes. Then their eyes met….(blushing), slowly they began to inch towards each other. Cobalt’s blue became brighter and his fur stood on end. Nexus glistened and sparkled. Cobalt used every trick of attraction to draw her in. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. They panted and they coo’ed, they circled around each other in a dance that only they were participants of. They inched closer and closer to each other. Cobalt began to extend his magnificent wing to enwrap around Nexus and draw her closer to his pounding chest, his heart about to explode with passion. Nexus entwined herself with Cobalt, feeling her need for him. Together, they glided off to be alone, to do what only dragons who are in love, will do. xxxooooxxxxooo”

Dragon Love, I am so glad Cobalt and Nexus are so happy together!

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