Oh my, the best Dragon Mommy ever!

Just received this email from Ceylon’s and Nexus’ new Mommie….there is mischief afoot.

“Hi Sherry!

Ceylon arrived today! Yeay!!! She is knock dead GORGEOUS!!! The pictures of her really do not do her justice at all. She is 100 times more beautiful in person. For instance, the shell horns and the snake print, in picture just doesn’t show up as well. In person, everyone here gasped as how utterly beautiful she is. Also, your detail work really pops on her, your attention to detail is amazing. Everything about her is perfect. And yes, the brown eyes are perfect too, forgive me for asking to have them changed to another color, you were truly right in going with brown, they couldn’t have been any other color. For a dragon, she is perfect in every way – EXACTLY how a real dragon would have looked back in the prehistoric days along with the dinosaurs. She is perfect and amazing. I love her to death. Also, Nexus is ecstatic to have a BFF and they love playing with my crystals/quartz and have already knocked some pieces on the floor. They are such fun and silly girls. I really love them! Thank you so much!!! I already look forward to the next ones. Thank you!

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