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Limerick has landed safely and is happily nesting in Australia

What a happy dragon day! Received this from some Happy dragon owners!

Limerick, Crystalina, Skye-Flame and their trainer – Jodie

“Hi Sherry,
We just wanted to let you know that Limerick has landed safely, and we thought you might like to see some photos with Jodie and some that she took herself! Limerick is even better than we expected; she is absolutely beautiful! Jodie is carrying her around on her shoulder everyday and she can’t wait to take her out on some adventures. Crystalina and Skye-Flame have become really good nest-mates with Limerick, and they enjoy watching Jodie browse the internet.
Thank you so much for making these wonderful dragons with all your love and care!
Kindest regards,
Chris and Jodie.
P.S. We’re happy for you to share this message and these photos on your site. :)”

Limerick checking out the terrain

The perfect dragon perch!

“Well, Hello there!” – Let’s hope Limerick is still a Vegan!

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