Well Hello There!

Beautiful Purple Dragon

If you love all shades of violet, Foxglove is the dragon for you! Foxglove is a Percher Shoulder Dragon, and quite a Pretty girl.

Foxglove was created from a scaled and variegated shades of purple lycra velvet fabric for the body, with a violet faux suede fabric for her belly, under wings,inner ears, foot and hand pads.
For her back spine points, and spiral wrapped horns I used a light orchid stretch velvet.
She has a shades of violet feather boa for her mane, which brings out her beautiful purple eyes.
I used violet texture paint for her claws and face nubs.

This dragon’s body has a full length ball and socket armature spine and is approximately 44 inches long – measured from her nose ring, over the head, along her back, to the tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature.
The actual body is approximately 10 x 10 inches ( height x length ) with a very long tail. Foxgloves wing span can be adjusted up to 22 inches.

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