” There once was a dragon called Limerick..
Who thought her name, quite horrific.
But she was so green and giraffe
Always bringing smiles and laughs
That in truth her name was terrific”

This is Limerick , a glittery, sparkly Ring-tailed Dragon, she has a special striped tail of glittery green giraffe and black fabrics, a little more work but the effect is well worth it.


Sparkly under wings

Big green eyes

I love this giraffe glitter Lycra velvet fabric- I could only acquire enough to make Limerick.
I matched it with a black glitter Lycra velvet fabric for the belly, under wings,inner ears and foot pads. Her back spine is a black velour fabric. I used a black texture paint for her claws m spiral wrapped horns and face nubs. Limerick has a mane of lime green Ostrich boa, and lime green eyes.

Limerick is approximately 60 inches – measured from nose , over the head, along the back to her tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 14 x 14 inches- with a very long tail. The wings are fully wired and have a span of approximately – 35 inches. The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, and may be posed with care.

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