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Morrigan – Guardian Shoulder Dragon

This note certainly brought a smile to my face!

“Morrigan has arrived safely in Scotland and is now resting after her long flight. She will make her debut on the shoulder of                                       Cap’n Darcy Knockboots at next week’s annual Piratesmas celebrations. Cap’n Darcy has longed for a small dragon to sit on her shoulder as she oversees the pirate shenanigans and believes Morrigan will be the perfect companion on her grogventures (adventures with grog!) I will send photos after the event. Ahoy and YoHo! Jenny”

Thank you Jenny, Sounds like Morrigan will be well loved, and will be having an amazing time on her Pirate’s shoulder….Parrots are so over rated, LOL.    Now I need to make some Grog to quench my thirsts…luckily it is the weekend.  You know Grog would make a great name for a dragon!

Beautiful green eyes

Such colorful wings

This is Morrigan, – named for the goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty. I used a tie dyed blue/green/purple Lycra velvet fabric for her, she turned out so beautiful. I choose a dark midnight green Lycra velvet for her under wings and spiral wrapped horns. I used a dark purple velour fabric for her inner ears, belly and back spine points. Morrigan has a teal green fox fur mane and bright green eyes. I used a teal texture paint for her face nubs and claws.

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