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Cosimo has been a grand adventure, with many turns and unexpected outcomes…He is 99.9% finished.

Laying on a bed

He has a long ring- tail of black and purple….so many little pieces to sew together…
I sculpted him with an open mouth, gave him a forked tongue and a nose ring.
Instead of fabric horns , Cosimo€™s new horns were Jewelery findings from the craft store they are wooden and actually very light for their size, and had a loop on the end to make sewing and gluing them in place much easier.

He has texture painted teeth and gums, and large green eyes with eyelids.

I used faux bear claws for his claws, and along his back spine – I also found that even plastic bear claws are sharp and leave scratch marks. I gave him a dragon manicure, and filed down the really deadly tips.

Sadly the joints I used to attach the arms and legs are not allowing him to stand under his own weight-
I have acquired new Teddy Bear type joints to use…with wooden discs, washers and cotter pins. Hopefully these will enable him to stand.

But he will need to be opened up and the new joints installed.  Until I find time to preform hip and shoulder replacement dragon surgery – he will be content to guard the bed in the guest room for me.  I will  redo his joints sometime in the future.

He is huge and very heavy! Next time I make one I will need to use a less Lycra (stretchy) fabric.

 It has been a long learning experience, and I have enjoyed the creative challenge, although I am beginning to understand how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt.

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