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Cosimo update

I have sculpted his face, open mouth with a forked tongue and a nose ring.  Cosimo’s new horns were Jewelery findings at the craft store they are wooden, and had a loop on the end to make sewing and gluing them in place much easier.  The pic below shows the horns being held in place by some pins waiting for the glue is dry.

I love his matching spiked collar

Base of his teeth

All his teeth will be from texture paint, it’s like frosting /decorating a cake – but no licking your fingers.  It will take several layers to build them up, and I will do both the upper and lower jaws.  I had thought of sewing shell beads for teeth but they would have been hard to keep upright.


Once the teeth were dry, I used a black texture paint to make a gum line ( this will hopefully stop any tooth loss). One more round of teeth painting to go…

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