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Two Nipper Dragons

A pair of Nipper dragons – will be nesting in Canada soon.

The black and purple Nipper is named…Mulberry
The purple and teal Nipper is named…Wisteria

This pair of Nippers both have faux fur, nose rings and bells.
Mulberry has green eyes and Wisteria’s eyes are teal.

Each dragon has a bead and wire armature and the legs, feet, wings, ears and arms are wired.
Only the legs are covered button jointed, the arms are sewn in place.
Approximate measurements for each are: The body is 27 inches measured from the nose, over the head and along the back to the tail tip. Standing height is 6 inches – depending on how the dragon is posed, and up to 7 inch for the the wing span.

Nipper Dragons can stand, but still have their baby fat and prefer to be carried, and loved.

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