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Jasper the Sailfin Dragon


I  used a butterscotch color Ostrich boa, steel blue eyes, and will be giving him a nose-ring before sending on his way to the UK.

I custom blended the paint color for this one, had to have just the right shade of grey-blue…

For a sailfin I added a blue wave back spine going down the body, there is also a smaller fin behind the head.

I love the blues, greys, teals, and golds of this  tie dye  Lycra Velvet fabric,     sadly this is the last of it.

I selected taupe shell claws, each claw is hand wired, glued, and top edge painted with texture paint.

Jasper was a special commission from Lisa in the UK. I got this message back from her along with more picture of Jasper and friends…

 Thank you Lisa for the kind words and the great pictures!

“Jasper has made the crossing across the Atlantic and arrived safely this morning. i have stuck him near the reptile UVB light so he can make a full recovery
He is delighted to meet his non-winged counterpart, ‘Hoffman’ the Philippine Sailfin Dragon.
Jasper was hatched to commemorate the success of breeding the Philippine Sailfin in the UK (1st time they have been bred in the UK)
Thank you, you did an amazing job hatching this fella, hope that there will be more winged sailfin cousins in the future
Much love, Lisa”

Jasper checking out the forest dragons vivarium

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