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Twilight – Guardian Shoulder Dragon

This is Twilight, She is very stubborn and  wouldn’t tell me her real name so after much thought and consults, Twilight was chosen for her….  We shall see if it sticks….

I love the blue shimmer fabric I used for the under wings

Twilight can be posed standing up

She has a very sweet face, and I think the Royal blue eyes are perfectThis is Twilight … She is a beautiful blue dragon,
I used a blue velvet with black scales fabric for the body, matched with a black velour with a blue shimmer for the under colors. And I used a black Lycra velvet for his back spine, and spiral wrapped horns.

With her piercing Royal blue eyes Twilight is an entrancing dragon.
She has a mane of navy blue fox fur.

This beautiful Blue girl is approximately 59 inches- measured from her nose, over the head along the back and to her tail tip, and has a full length ball and socket armature. Her body, depending on the pose is 12 x 14 inches- with a very long tail.
The wings are fully wired and have a span of approximately – 27 inches.
The arms and legs are attached with covered button joints, and are fully wired, and may be posed with care.

This is a Guardian Shoulder Dragon and can sit upon your shoulder while you go on your travels. The feet should be slightly cupped to fit upon your shoulder, drape the tail down your back and up and over to your opposite shoulder for balance.

( Please, this is not a toy, and is not for small children-small parts may pose a choking hazard)

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