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Moogans – “This is why you tell your dragons not to play with their food!”

This is MOO-shi, she is what I call a Moogan.  She has such a sweet face, and I love the black and white markings on her.

Mooligan is quite the little hooligan! She has big brown eyes and I love the black and white markings on her face. I do love all the Moogans – each one is so unique. I think Moos rule!

Genghis is quite the eye catcher! He has his father’s red eyes and is quite the rascal,  I love the ostrich boa, and his black and white face markings.

A Moogan can come in any size or style of dragon. And be made with either a faux fur, fox fur or ostrich boa. I do love the cow dragons. I have even thought of adding udders, the thought of milking a dragon is amusing – warm hands would be a must!

Dragontry History: Originally we made cow gryphons, (called Moophons), Later I made a very few cow nipper (baby) dragons…which were quickly herded off to their new homes!

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