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Kiara – Special Order

This is Kiara, a special order Royal clawed dragon, She was created from a beautiful black Lycra velvet fabric, I matched it with a purple- black scaled Lycra fabric.


She has a black ostrich boa mane, and pale lavender eyes. I used taupe shell tooth beads for the horns and claws- each one was wired, hand sewn in place, glued and secured by adding a black texture paint. While they may be positioned carefully, please do not bend the claws back and forth, since this will snap and break the wire.


This dragon is approximately 57 inches from nose to tail tip – measured from her nose, up over the head and along the back to her tail tip. The body has a full length ball and socket doll armature, the button-jointed arms and legs are fully wired and may be posed with care.


Kiara will sit upon your shoulder by wrapping her long tail around the back of your neck and over the opposite shoulder for balance. Please be careful of the claws- they aren’t too sharp, but safety first. (Not for small children-small parts may pose a choking hazard). Now nesting in Australia.

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